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Draperies, Soft Furnishings, Home Fashions & Upholstery

We make magic by converting fabric into wonderful finished window curtains, draperies, bedspreads, decorative pillows, and home fashions.

Our design capability and workmanship is superior because we’re educated and skilled in tailoring, fashion design, pattern drafting, pattern matching, upholstery and furniture making as well as interior decorating and design.

You will love our work because...

Each design is made individually for you according to your tastes and budget. We control and monitor the entire process from conceptual planning to final execution.

You’ll know the difference……

Our attention to creative detail together with the quality of our finishing have become our hallmark of excellence.

Home Decor Sewing

More than just sewing skills are required to turn out fine draperies and soft home furnishings.

To create fabulous home fashions - from window curtains to bedspreads and decorative pillows, the decorator must understand the principles of design and construction and have sufficient fabric knowledge to be able to select and appropriate styles and materials for fabrication.

Fullness of fabric, quality of linings, inter-facings, quality threads, and a skill for ensuring the right fabrics are used for the right styles and functionality, together with creativity and excellent craftsmanship are trademarks of our work. From a toss cushion to the finest window fashion, we offer a true custom service. Each piece is meticulously cut, sewn and finished to the highest standards.

Tastes vary but Turnbull quality is constant. From the very simple to the more elaborate,Turnbull window fashions and home decor items are designed to be compatible with interior architecture and home furnishing preferences and most of all suit the lifestyle of the homeowner That's where our experience and knowledge can serve you best.

And now, we are so very proud to be able to take our creativity to yet another level of custom service - with our own unique fabric designs... Featuring the excellent original black & white art of Wm. Turnbull....

Custom Upholstered Furniture

The hallmarks of quality furniture have been a tradition for centuries. Commonly misunderstood and neglected in today's marketplace, it's often surprising to learn that in a world of fast-paced technological advances, great upholstered furniture making has changed little by comparison over the years.

The knowledge about quality is often allusive because so much of the craftsmanship is on the inside, but careful examination between a really well-made piece and the everyday marketplace option is clearly distinguishable.

Before You Buy Your Next Piece of Furniture, Consider...
  • Your furniture is an investment in your personal comfort and lifestyle.
  • Wisely chosen, your furniture will outlive your car, your high tech entertainment items and most of your household appliances.
  • Great furniture is even renewable.
  • Great furniture must support the user, both in size and function.
  • Furniture must be right for the space it occupies.
  • Great upholstered furniture delivers performance over time.
Custom Upholstered Furniture Making is an Art
  • From the construction of the frame to the final touches of fitting and sewing, great furniture requires a specific set of skills and master's touch.
  • Great masters are few and far between.
You Will Love Our Custom Furniture Because....
  • We are proud to be among those who honour the tradition of fine furniture making
  • We make each piece to "custom fit" the user. A 6'3" 250 lb. man certainly will not get comfort from the same piece of furniture that suits someone 5' tall.
  • We can make anything your heart desires: Sofas; love seats; sectionals; chairs; window seats; ottoman; valance boxes, etc.
  • We design and make it all in any size, shape, and that you might need.......and we make sure you’re comfortable in it
  • We offer you a global selection of fabrics; leathers and trims in unlimited combinations.
  • We make sure you get the right fabric for the right product, so that you are ensured performance over time.
Reupholstery..... the same rules apply.

The keys to deciding whether to reupholster or not are.....

  • Determine if you like the basic size and shape and to assess if the frame is salvageable.
  • Know that old pieces can certainly be updated and restyled, and determine if this is suitable.
  • Understand that a reupholstered piece is a "new" custom piece of quality furniture.

Here's more about upholstered furniture by Irene Turnbull, published in Our Homes Magazine.

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