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Do You See What I See? Probably Not!!

'When we know better - we make better choices.' Play it forward!!

Do you see what I see???

What colour do YOU see?

Almost one year ago... February 26, 2015 to be exact, about 30 million people viewed this image and more than 10 million weighed in on a social media frenzy, to create a global viral phenomenon all over the colour of a dress!!

Remember, there's only one dress - we just didn't all see it that way!! Some people saw the dress as gold & white and others were positive it was blue & black..

Millions Wanted to Know - Who's Right?

The answer of course is - It depends.

Obviously it's complicated - but in simple terms - It wasn't actually the dress that caused the stir.

It was the unique experience of the person viewing the image of the dress as they processed the exchange of light energy & information through their own neuro-network.

While biologists, neuro-scientists and other researchers continue to explore and debate the mysteries of colour and the human experience...These experts do agree, there should be no doubt left in our minds...

We don't all experience colour the same way!!! Really? Then why does the marketplace insist on serving us otherwise???

The intensity of human response in the blue dress/white dress case certainly got the attention of the scientific community - but for the rest of us just trying to achieve our own personal colour comfort formulas - nothing much has changed in the way colour is merchandised and sold to us.

And, there's nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out why the colour you thought you loved in one place simply doesn't look the same when you get it home!

Or even more challenging trying to explain your colour experience & feelings in words to someone who simply is not riding the same light wave as you.

For me the penny dropped a long time ago about the role personal perception plays in our lives, but this awareness also came with a deep desire to understand more about why and the how our individual interpretations so directly impact our interior design & decorating choices, much of the time without our conscious awareness.

So, I followed my instincts - I knew colour was so much more than I was taught in design school, more than someone else's opinion - more than a swatch of ink on a paint sample or dye on a piece of fabric, and that certainly not everyone falls neatly into generalized emotional response categories.

If you hate blue - it's definitely not calming!! And quite frankly - if the colour of the year is not in your 'happy radar' it's probably not for you - no matter how appealing the magazines make it look!! Or how many times you're told otherwise!

The more I studied, the more I moved to the wisdoms of mind-body science for answers - and the more I worked with people to help them with their home decorating projects, the more I understood how we use our senses together with our brains to interpret our world and why our perceptions are key in shaping our worldviews - likes & dislikes...

Which brings me to the point of this message...

The secret to understanding colour - and thereby achieving great results with its use - isn't in the paint can, or even in someone else's vision - or in finding your number on a personality chart!!

'Just a note to say that your book on colour is excellent.

From an artist's point of view, I don't think I have read a more concise book on the subject.

I will recommend this book to my students as well. Many thanks.

Colour Sense-abilities is a simple straightforward explanation of how we process colour. Colour is personal. It's a property of light and without you the observer and the objects of your attention, it simply can't be experienced. This little book will help you bring "your colours" on home to love!!!

Colour Sense-abilities

Click on the book to preview & get your copy  available in printed or ebook version.

I look forward to your comments...

and please, if you know someone who could use a little help with colour selection and home decorating, please pass on this email ... It could be their ticket to home happiness!!




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